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Advent Resources

The Inn: Housing the Holy

A silver lining to the cloud that is the pandemic is that worship has gone hybrid, leaving the building. The holy cannot be contained in our buildings, we have the opportunity to house holiness everywhere, including our homes. So use these resources to richly experience this sacred season

Click on the images to download the materials



Reverse Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas on a calendar by giving instead of receiving. Click on the image on the left to download a calendar and suggestions for donations. You might want to decorate a box to hold your gifts, that we will be blessing on Boxing Day, December 26th.


At-Home Reflections

These weekly reflections mirror what we will be sharing during worship. They are designed to give you a way to extend our worship into your home. Click on the image to download the booklet, which you can print or read on your device.



Reflections with Children

These reflections are designed for the young as well as the young at heart. They are designed to be used with the At-Home Reflections booklet (there is a place for them each week during the reflection). If you choose to use these, you will want to get a large box to use each week as a prop. We will also be sharing videos of these children's times on our  YouTube channel (click here).


Children's Book Ideas

If you are looking for books to read with your children, or gift ideas for the children in your life, here is a curated list of books matching the weekly Advent themes of hope, peace, joy, and love.

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