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Interfaith Resource Fund

Give to all who ask of you.  - Matthew 5:42

On the first Sunday of every month, the Deacons place a small, brown envelope on every chair and pew in our sanctuary.  This is to take up a collection for the Interfaith Resource Fund, or IRF.  The IRF is a "last ditch" resource for local folks in need, often helping with needs other funds won't touch, like security deposits.  Here's how it works . . . Folks call the church looking for direct assistance.  I take their name and phone number and give that to the person who administers the IRF.  She calls them directly and, if the money is there, helps them out.  Simple as that.  The only requirement is that folks live in Waterville or Winslow (since the local Interfaith group is called the Waterville/Winslow Interfaith Council).   

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