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Going to the 'mat

My Beautiful Laundrette . . .

Hello Friends,

There has been some action after my newsletter post asking for help in the Laundromat. Pastor Mark and Dave Hedrick each visited the laundromat with me over the past few days. Dave now has quarters and plans to visit the laundromat tomorrow.

The day Dave was there, I offered quarters to a couple. The man was bent over, putting a lot of clothes in the large washer. I offered the quarters to the woman with him. She said that she thought they were OK, that someone else needed them more. Something made me persist. I told her I had more quarters. Finally she asked the man. He said, "Yes,", and I could hear the strain in his voice, desperation almost. They took the quarters, and when he had finished putting the load in, he came over and shook my hand, and Dave's hand. He gave me back the box the quarters were in, and said if the box were bigger, his daughter would like to use it to make a bed for her dolls. He showed us a picture of his daughter, who is eight. He thanked us again when he left. We gave out several more rolls of quarters that day, but even if we had had only the opportunity to give to that man, it would have been worth the trip and the time.

It's everything when a church makes a difference in its community by sharing what we have.

Sometimes I need a little boost with my laundromat visits, believe it or not! :-) Church members giving quarters means a lot, and so did Mark and Dave coming with me to the laundromat. These things remind me that I am living in community.

Thank you!


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