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How Are All The Children? A Message from June 17, 2018

On June 17, Mike Muir led the service with a message about caring for all children.

Mike Muir sharing a message of care

Find an audio of the message here (be patient at the beginning - we had to set up the screen and projector, so the message starts about 20 seconds into the recording). And here is a PDF of the slides, if you want to follow along.

The Masai, a farming tribe in Africa, has a lengthy traditional greeting that includes questions like, “How is the homestead?” “How are the cows?” and “How are the children?” But the implication is not that you are asking about the other’s children, but rather checking on how ALL the children are. They recognize that the health of the community depends on the good health and well being of all the children.

This message asks how are All Maine's children. Recent headlines suggests they aren't doing doing well.

This week's scriptures certainly suggest that we act. And our mission suggests that we act.

Using the "modern scriptures" of Peter, Paul, and Mary, I suggested that we:

  • Use the Hammer of Justice and find something that we can each do

  • Use the Bell of Freedom and dig for the deeper truth (and not be fooled into thinking some people are less worthy than others), and

  • Use the Song of Love between our brothers and our sisters to advocate for policy and law that will help all children.

And when we do, people will see Jesus.

If you want to know where you might learn the truth about how all the children are, try either of these annual reports:

If you want to know what kinds of policies and laws we should be advocating for, check out From Adolescence to Adulthood: A Blueprint for Helping Maine’s Youth Succeed.

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