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Questions from our after-church information session

Editor's note: CDM = Children's Discovery Museum


What happens if CDM is not able to raise the money to purchase the building?

CDM returns the space to its original condition, all rent money goes back to us

Are we responsible for insurance? (Fire or damage)

We are both responsible. Church: Comprehensive; CDM: $1M with us as co-insured. There is also a hold-harmless clause with us named.

Is there any chance the church would lose its tax-exempt status?

No, we will have to pay property tax, but do not jeopardize our t/e status.

Are we able to bring the pews, altar and other items with us when we move?

Yes, the intent is to bring as many things as possible with us.

How could this impact the daycare?

CDM and the daycare are both happy to have the option to share the space.

What do you fear (loss)?

The view from the sanctuary – the window behind the altar.

Losing people – if we move and folks are not happy, will they leave? If this is not approved, could we lose folks as well?

In two years, if we do not sell, we may not have the money to find a new place, and there may be folks who leave then. We may have to tear the building down piece-by-piece.

What will you mourn?

The organ

Stained Glass Windows

The loss of the space

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